A few years ago I remember receiving some fight footage sent to me by someone with a note attached asking me to comment on what I saw. What I saw prompted me to research this young amateur star that was apparently turning heads across the pond in America.

I searched the internet without much success and instead decided to take a different tact and email some amateur enthusiasts in the states to get their opinions and the response I got was astounding with the words "gifted" being mentioned many times while describing him.

So with all the rave reviews I received as you can probably imagine without even watching any fight footage my expectations were of a high standard but after watching three or four of his fights I Instantly got the feeling that this kid has indeed got the makings for professional stardom while in agreement that this young fighter was indeed "Gifted".

Since that time he has made the transition to the professional ranks look an easy one, winning all four of his bouts within the distance by either way of knockout or stoppage and has also since signed with the promotional powerhouse TKO Promotions and is managed by Cameron Dunkin.

My next step was to try and conduct an interview with him in an attempt to get him more exposure here in the UK and around the world so I started emailing various websites and boxing insiders but seemed to hit a dead end in my pursuit. People told me that they would get me his details and additional information but nothing really materialized until a great guy called Jesse Garcia got in contact with me ironically telling me that he represents a young fighter from Coachella in California named Randy Caballero. As luck would have it and by some strange coincidence I managed to then talk to this great young fighter and I was able to conduct this interview. I hope you all have as much fun reading it as I have had conducting it.

Remember the name, write it down, and ingrain it into your brain because guys Randy Caballero I predict is going to become a household name in years to come


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Randy, Can you please tell us how you first got involved in boxing and what kept you interested in the sport?

Well it all started because my dad was a boxer, then when he had my older brother Robert he would also start training and fighting. While I was growing up I remember me and my brother would go into my dad's room and get his boxing shoes and gloves and we would go fight in the living room so my dad could see us.

As I was growing up, I loved watching my brother fight, he was knocking guys out right and left and that's when I knew boxing is what I wanted to do also, ever since then my dad took me to the gym and trained me and I knew this sport was for me. I can see now that when I step in to the ring it's seriously one of the greatest feelings anyone could imagine. I feel I have so much love for this sport because it's a one v one contact sport and not like other sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball etc where you have a whole team. In this sport it is just me in that ring so if I mess up it is on me and no one else. When I make that mistake me and my Dad go right back to the gym and work on my mistakes, I have so much love for this sport.

It seems like your brother could have also been a contender. My next question to you Randy is at what age did you make your amateur debut and can you remember your feelings when stepping into the ring for the first time?

I remember everything and I know I will never forget the first time I stepped in the ring. I was 8 years old and it was in a show at the Coachella Valley boxing club, my home gym and my home town, I`m not going to lie, I was nervous because it was my first fight but when I stepped into the ring and the bell rang, it was Showtime. I know for all three rounds I was throwing punches nonstop until the final bell rang and the fight was over. That day felt so good being in the ring and able to hit someone and actually not get into trouble for it. I came out with the win and was the happiest kid ever.

You were regarded as one of the finest amateur boxers in the world before you turned professional. From all of your achievements of this time can you tell us what title / trophy or medal stands out in your memory as your proudest moment and for what reason?

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In the past I have talked to fighters who have claimed to have had one fighter in their amateur days who has given them some difficulty or they have had a great rivalry with. Who would you say is the fighter that gave you the most difficulty and could you tell us why?

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Could you tell us what your overall amateur record stood at upon turning professional?

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You missed the cut off age for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which must have been a very disappointing time for you champ. Can you tell us how you felt when you were told about this?

Well I was an amateur fighter for about 12 years and here in California there are shows and tournaments every week, one after another. Our gym was the toughest gym out there, we went to every show there was and when there was a tournament we all entered and we were always 100% ready.

I was never afraid of anyone, I just got in the ring and didn't care. I know I have fought some tough guys more than once, lost some but won most but to be honest I was never afraid of anyone.

I remember going to every tournament out there and winning them. I remember going to the Gene Lewis Jr Golden gloves, Desert showdown which is an international tournament.

One that really got my name out there was the Jr Olympics and I can tell you, that tournament wasn't easy at all. You had all the best fighters in that one tournament and I went all the way to the nationals and when I got there with the California team, they told us that the winners would be going to Turkey for the world championships. I told myself right then that nothing was going to stop me from winning. I won the entire competition in the nationals which meant I would be going to Istanbul in Turkey for the AIBA Cadet World Championships to represent the USA.

I was ready and determined to bring home the Gold but unfortunately that wasn't to happen and I actually came home with the Bronze. I was obviously hurt by not getting the Gold but I realized that I`m standing where most kids could only dream about.

Right after that I turned 17 and started fighting in the Open weight category, trying for the 2008 Olympic Games before finding out that every boxer who's birthday is before August could try out. My birthday's in September so I missed it by a month although I knew that wasn't the end for me and I was going to try out for the 2012 Olympics until I decided to turn professional.

I ended my amateur career with a record of 170 something fights with 12 losses.

I heard that you planned to stay in the amateurs until the 2012 Olympics but because of an injury to your hand it left you with a year away from the sport which led to your decision to turn professional. What did winning an Olympic medal mean to you personally Randy? And could you tell us also about the injury you suffered?

Making the Olympics is every fighters dream. I seriously had dreams of me winning gold so that meant a lot to me but I never got the chance to make that dream come true due to injury, knowing that I came so close.

That injury happened when I was competing at a tournament where I was involved in a war against a durable opponent and as I was switching up on the guy and turned left handed , I threw an over handed left that caught him on the top of the head. After that it put me out for about a year which was the worse feeling in the world knowing that I may not be able to step into the ring again.

Is your hand now fully healed?

My hand is back to where it was before the injury. I always told myself that I will never let anything keep me away from this sport


For some of the fight fans that haven’t been privileged enough to see you fight. Could you please describe you’re fighting style?

Well I am a boxer that has been taught many different styles. My Dad has been in this sport for so long and knows it all. I`m more of an out boxer, I like feeling comfortable in the ring. I take it like it's another sparring session. I always want to be relaxed because I know I will perform a lot better.

You are a fighter obviously blessed with incredible skill, what would you say at the moment are your strength's and what are the things that you believe you need to work on in the future?

I know I am in good hands with my dad by my side. I know in this sport no fighter is ever perfect and there is always something to work on. I never really see the mistakes unless I see fight footage afterwards, but that's why my Dad is here to correct them for me and teach me ways to fix them.

From the fights I have seen, you obviously have a great shot selection but what would you say is your best punch?

From the Amateurs to the Pro's I can see that it is a completely different ball game. In the amateurs all you have to do is throw punches nonstop but for the professional's you can’t afford to waste any.

For my first Pro fight I had the Diaz brothers in my corner and Julio came to me and told me that every shot I threw I had to make it count and that's exactly what I did and it really worked. So if I had to pick any shot it would be any that lands.

Now before we move onto your Professional Career just a few more questions on your training and nutrition. Can you tell us what a typical weeks training involves in the run up to a fight?

When I’m getting ready for a fight I train like it's a championship fight. It doesn’t matter if it’s a four round fight or if it gets stopped earlier than that. Even when I’m not getting ready for a fight, I don’t go and eat fat food I don’t like pizza and burgers that's just not me, but what I will say is that I have cheated on my diet, everyone does.

Lastly, what foods do you eat to stay in shape and what foods do you need to stay away from?

Well I eat salad, chicken breast, fish and foods like that, foods I shouldn’t be eating are pizza, burgers, candy, stuff like that


When you stepped up from the amateurs what was the biggest change you had to overcome and what changes have you had to make in entering the professional ranks?

Well the only biggest change I had to make was stepping into the ring with no head gear, no shirt, and smaller gloves that’s about it.

I’m really happy with the change I made. Fighting wise would have to be that I’m more calm and relaxed in the ring. Everything I throw I make sure it lands and as you can see it really helped me out in my four professional fights.

Your last four fights have all come in the first round where you have either knocked the challenger out or stopped them in their tracks. You last fought on July 2nd which witnessed you knockout Jairo Delgado. Can you talk us through the fight and the lead up to the fights finish?

As for my last fight with Jairo Delgado it was a fight I thought would go on longer then the 1st round and from his previous bouts I knew he wasn’t an easy fighter. I never step in the ring asking for a knock out they all come natural and that’s what happened in that fight I caught him with the right punch and put him out and as much as I wanted him to get up an continue he just couldn’t.

Your fights so far have been four rounder’s but I heard a report recently that said your promoter is interested in stepping you up to six round bout. What are your feelings on this champ?

I'm the fighter in all this, I trust them all on making the right decisions for me, and otherwise I wouldn’t have them on my team. I feel I'm ready for 6 rounder's and it’s time to step it up, I’m not scared to fight anyone whoever it is I’m ready.

In 2010 you have already fought four times, how many more do you hope to have before the turn of 2011?

Well I was told I will be getting a minimum of 8 fights the 1st year but if they could get me more I’m fine with that I just love the feeling of stepping in the ring its always been like that since I stepped in that ring when I was 8 years old.

I heard you also mention that you have sparred with the likes of Nonito Donaire and Abner Mares. Could you tell us what that experience was like and if you picked up a few tricks along the way?

Yeah sparring Nonito Donaire was a great experience, walking into his gym in SF knowing I’m about to spar the guy that’s rank #5 pound 4 pound fighter in the world is when I realized I’m really here.

As for sparing Abner Mares knowing he was a 2008 Olympian for Mexico was a great experience as well. Both of them are great fighters with difference styles and I have learned new things from both. And I really thank both of them for giving me the opportunity to work with them.

Quick Question, Now that you have sparred with both Donaire and Mares, who would win in a rematch between Nonito and Darchinyan and Mares vs. Perez?

If Nonito fights Darchinyan again I honestly think Nonito will do the same thing and put him out and as for Mares and Perez I feel Mares did win that fight over Perez but what hurt Mares was him slowing down in the middle rounds. 


The Featherweight division is stacked at the moment with a great assortment of skills on show with the likes of Juan Manuel Lopez, Chris John, Celestino Caballero, Rafael Marquez and the list goes on, who do you think is the number one within the weight class at the moment and why?

This is a very hard question to answer because at this weight class there are a lot of great fighters but I would have to say Juan Manuel Lopez. Very good fighter but to be honest I want to see him fight Yuriorkis Gamboa and if he beats him then we could say he is definitely the best at that weight class because Gamboa is a very strong fighter.

In most of my Interviews I ask a fighter to give a brief description on a set of fighters from their weight class, if this is okay Randy can you give your opinion on each of the following:
  • Juan Manuel Lopez - Smart strong fighter but when he knows he has someone out he tends to open up and leaves his self open to get caught with everything.   
  • Chris John - A fighter that likes to move around an out box a fighter in an out.
  • Celestino Caballero - Very difficult person to fight. Tall with a long reach just some one that would be hard to fight.
  • Rafael Marquez - Typical Mexican fighter comes forward uses a lot of pressure.  
  • Yuriorkis Gamboa - A strong fighter who walks his fighters down round by round slowly just destroys a fighter and when he knows they are out he finishes them.
  • Elio Rojas - Never seen him fight


The Pound 4 Pound rankings are always up for debate, some fight fans claim Floyd Mayweather to be the current number one while others usually pick Manny Pacquiao, Where do you stand champ on who you believe is number one and for what reason?

Not just because Mayweather is my favourite fighter to watch but I honestly think he is the best Pound 4 Pound fighter alive. He is a smart fighter, no one out there that can touch him right now.


Bob Arum of Top Rank recently stated the fact that Floyd Mayweather Jr has missed the deadline in negotiating a deal with Manny Pacquiao. Do you still think that fight will ever happen? And where do you think both men will go from here?

I seriously don’t know if that fight is every going to happen I really hope it does because it would be the fight of all time but who knows only time can tell what's going to happen.


It’s obviously early in your career but in ten / fifteen years time what would be your dream outcome for your career? E.g. multiple world champions, pound 4 pound star, a multi weight world champion?

Well In this sport I don’t want to be seen as just another fighter, I want to become one of the greatest fighters of all time. I want multiple world championships and to be on top of the charts to become a hall of famer in this sport.

Able to then look back at my career and hear people saying Randy Caballero made history something no one else could do in this sport. 

Can I ask what your plans are for the rest of 2010? 

Well my plans are for me to stay in shape for every fight they put in front of me. Get in that ring and keep doing what I have been doing since I stepped into the Pro's.

On leaving is there anything you would like to say to the readers of TopClassBoxing and the fight fans around the world?

Well first of all I want to thank TopClassBoxing for doing this interview and getting my name out there and letting people know who I really am in and out the ring. I also want to thank Jesse for everything he's doing for me I don’t know what I would do without him he is part of my team and always will be he has been really great to me and helped get my name out there all around the world. Thanks also to all the fight fans around the world hope you keep following me because every time I fight I will put on a great show for everyone.

Thanks again TopClassBoxing for everything this was something different and would love to do it anytime.




Interview conducted by: Paul Daley

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